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Stretching has amazing health benefits for people in every stage of life.

From young athletes wanting to increase athletic potential to Baby Boomers wanting to regain lost flexibility, it’s not a stretch to say we can improve your life!

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Why R3Stretch?

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  • Health—Stretching increases circulation, helps eliminate pain, and increases energy levels
  • Anti-Aging—Regain lost mobility and flexibility so you can move more freely and reduce the chance of injury
  • Athletic Performance—Unlock potential muscle strength and increase agility thanks to long muscles and prepared joints
Are you ready to regain lost mobility, unlock athletic potential, eliminate pain, increase energy, and reclaim your health? Sounds like you’re ready for R3 Stretch!.

The R3 Difference

  • Recovery—After intense use, our muscles require time to recover. Stretching increases blood flow—and with it come the nutrients your muscles need to recover quickly. Speed up recovery from injury or workouts with custom stretching sessions.
  • Relaxation—Tighten up all the muscles in your shoulders as much as you can for a count of five seconds. Then, exhale and relax. Feel the difference? Now, imagine that all over your body. Your stretch sessions will help you experience this feeling regularly.
  • Rejuvenation—Stretching helps you feel rejuvenated as you regain lost mobility and flexibility by increasing circulation. It will help eliminate pain, and increase your energy levels. Your sessions will help you feel more agile and resist injuries.
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